Aergrind Manual

The Aergrind is a small, travel-friendly handgrinder made by Knock. It fits nicely into the AeroPress. It has sturdy steel burrs and delivers extremely consistent results. The grinder holds about 25-30g of coffee beans. 

Although it can work, we highly recommend not to use the silicone rubber to bundle the Aergrind with the Aeropress: it can rip easily.

Adjusting the mill

1. To reset the grinder, place the black lid with the dial on top and place the grinding handle on the pin provided. The current grind setting is based on the notch of the handle. Hold the handle and turn the black lid clockwise until it stops. The notch in the handle now points to the 1. The burrs below are closed.

2. To set a specific grind setting, turn the lid counterclockwise to the correct position in accordance with the chart below.

Recommended grind settings 

Brewing Equipment

Aergrind Setting


1.1 - 1.3

V60/Kalita Wave

1.4 - 1.8 


1.8 - 2.1

French Press

2.1 - 2.4

  (Example: 2.4 corresponds to two full spins and set to 4)  

Cleaning the grinder

We recommend using a brush to remove the left-over coffee from the burrs after every grind.

Happy Brewing!