Your Coffee on 11th December. Pa-O. Myanmar

From a relationship that we have built over many seasons to a brand new partnership: our first ever coffee from Myanmar! It was produced by Behind the Leaf, a coffee mill dedicated to the Pa-O people and the area of Pinlaung.

The coffee was grown by farmers in 5 different villages, before sorting and processing at the Behind the Leaf mill.

This naturally processed lot comes from the Pa-O villages, in Pinlaung, eastern Myanmar. Behind the Leaf Coffee buys ripe cherries the day they are picked and does all the processing at their coffee farm and factory in Pinlaung.

BTL has been a real success story in the area, offering new employment opportunities and providing land for locals to grow vegetables. Their work with the local Pa-O people has meant that coffee from the area is now classed as speciality grade, something almost unthinkable a few years ago. The terroir of the region offers a distinct sweetness and we are truly excited to explore the coffees of Myanmar.

The profile is deep, and fruity, with a sweet, jammy character that is beautifully balanced. Notes of dark fruit, black cherry, cocoa, and milk chocolate are smooth and fruity. As it cools, expect lasting sweetness of brown sugar and aromatic vanilla. Our journey through coffee has taken us to some amazing places and we are thrilled to offer this taste of Myanmar