1. Sherbet
- 4 tsp blueberry powder
- 2 tsp icing sugar
- 2/3 tsp citric acid(zitronensäure)

2. Blueberry Assam tea
- 10g blueberry powder
- 3g Assam tea
- 300g hot water(95 degrees)
Steep for 2 minutes and strain through a sieve into a tea brewer and then strain again into another tea brewer.
- Add 3g robinien & kornblumen honey, stir well.
Serves 5-7 drinks.

3. Mohamed Ali Double espresso


- Pull double espresso into pitcher
- Pour a small amount of Sherbet into a 6oz saucer
- On a separate saucer pour a little hot water
Rim the glass with the water, followed by the Sherbet. Make sure to coat the entire rim of the glass.
- Dose 40g of the Blueberry Assam tea into the glass
- Pour the double espresso over the tea