Plant Based Milk

Plant Based Milk

We are dropping the Surcharge for plant-based milk. For good. Sustainability is a Core Value for us. We want more people to enjoy plant-based milk! đŸŒ± đŸ„›  


It took us eight years to find a plant based milk that we liked in terms of flavour. A lot of alternative milks tasted overly sweet, some almost like a melted Ice Cream. We could not taste our coffees through those dominante products. We even tried our own almond milk but, again, that failed. So for a long time we said: "We have the best tasting black coffees in town. If you prefer not to have cow milk: Go black!” To us that was the best alternative to cow milk: no milk. Fully vegan and great taste. 😃 Our coffees have amazing cup profiles. Once you tried them pure from nature, you stick with this style.


However ... there are so many Flat White, Cappuccino, Cortado and Latte Lovers in town. We could not turn each of them, and so our milk consumption stayed high. It all changed in 2018, when we decided to offer Oatly Barista Edition. It was the first one that was not overwhelming in own flavours or sweetness. And it did not disintegrate with our coffees! ☕ đŸ€Ž

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