Sensory & Analysis Workshop


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We are operating a Trainings LAB right at the heart of our Roastery in Berlin. We love coaching, from homebarista to the next barista champion. Learn the essentials of sensory evaluation of coffee in a practical and interactive manner. You will experience different flavours and learn how to cup and evaluate coffee. We will sharpen your taste buds. A certificate will be issued on completion.

Recommended Experience: All Levels

Class size: 1-4 participants

Duration: 2.5 hours

You can select and book your session. Or buy a voucher and arrange for your session at a later stage.

Sensory & Analysis Workshop

You will learn about the different tastes and smells, how they relate to coffee, and what we are looking out for. Finally, we will conduct a cupping session to teach you how to evaluate coffees. You will leave with the sharpest taste buds in town, and a certificate as proof you completed the course.


PRICE: 90€

DURATION: 2.5 hours


CLASS SIZE: 2-5 Participants


You can select and book your workshop now, or buy a voucher and arrange it at a later date.


Understand olfactory and gustatory

Evaluate coffee through cupping

Learn about different tastes and smells

"The first class I took was the espresso shots & milk ... I remember that I had booked another two classes the very same day as I really enjoyed the first one."

"My friends have really enjoyed the workshop, some of them had only little interest in coffee beforehand and others wanted to learn how to make a proper cuppa coffee at home - one of them even got a V60 after our workshop."


This practical and interactive workshop will teach you the essential skills needed for sensory evaluation of coffee.  

You can select and book your workshop now, or buy a voucher and arrange it at a later date.