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Pomegranate. Cacao.

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Origin: Cauca, Colombia
Roast: Filter
Producer: Finca Juan Martin
Altitude: 2050 Meters
Varietal: Pink Bourbon
Process: Carbonic Maceration

Finca Juan Martin is an experimental farm operated by our partners, Banexport. The focus of this project is to cultivate different varietals to develop practices toward optimum coffee quality. Beyond this, Juan Martin serves as an example for coffee producers that export their coffees through Banexport. Located in the highest area of Sotara, just 30 mins from Cauca's capitol of Popayan, Juan Martin is dedicated to developing environmentally-conscious practices as well as providing jobs to community members with educational opportunities. 

This vibrant cup amazes with notes of cherry and cacao. Acids sparkle with citric aromas of pomegranate. The body is rich and textured.

In general, coffees here are cultivated, harvested, and processed while adhering to the highest standards of quality, organization, and control depending on the ambient conditions as well as the specific needs required by each variety as determined by various factors including Brix level, moisture content, and desired cup characteristics. 

Carbonic maceration is a popular method when harvesting and processing wine grapes. However, this processing method also holds a lot of opportunity for processing coffee. Carbonic maceration involves fermenting the coffee in a carbon-dioxide rich environment. After being picked, coffee cherries are placed into what are typically airtight stainless steel barrels. Once placed inside, CO2 is pumped into the vessel, which then allows the coffee cherries to break down different levels of pectins. This processing typically creates bright and winey coffees with vibrant fruits with defined clarity.

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