ONA Coffee Distributor: OCD V2


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Coffee making is about controlling all variables in order to achieve a balanced extraction. In espresso making, most baristas distribute the coffee grounds with their fingers before tamping. The results vary which leads to inconsistent coffee qualities - which is not wanted in any professional environment. 

The ONA Coffee Distributor (OCD) was used by World Barista Champion, Sasa Sestic, in 2012. Using the OCD to distribute the coffee before tamping, eliminates inconsistencies and gives you perfect coffee distribution every single time.

This new OCD V2 is self adjusting to accommodate the desired dose; has a rough, textured, non-slip design around the sides to provide grip and durability; and is made of brass to eliminate static electricity, allowing for more even extraction and a better tasting cup of coffee.

Product Specifications:

  • Diameter: 58.5mm (fits both IMS and VST Basket)
  • Approximate Weight: 490g
  • Materials: Centre Part (Brass) x1, Adjuster (Anodized Aluminum) x1, Locker (Anodized Aluminum)

weight: 740 gr