Comandante C40 Nitro Balde Grinder


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Made in Germany, the Comandante C40 Nitro Blade is your high end handgrinder with fantastic specs for your perfect grind distribution.

The stainless steel burrs were sharpened twice to give your coffee a precise cut for perfection. Double bearings will make grinding super easy and fast. Long endurance, robustness and latest technologies to ensure perfect geometry of the burrs. The box comes with an extra glass container to store your ground coffee. Handgrinding has never been easier - brew results have never been more delicious.

The IRONHEART® was specifically developed for coffee enthusiasts who love to grind their beans manually for espresso and mocha. By a thermochemical diffusion treatment, it achieves a special hardness on the grind teeth.

The best way to set your grind is this: Go to the tighest (= finest) position and go from there. Comandante has 50 possible clicks towards its coarsest setting. Here is a quick guide for an easy start: 

< 8 clicks: Ibrik
8 - 15 clicks: Espresso/Bialetti
15 - 20 clicks: / Mokka
20 - 25 clicks: Pour Over
25 - 30 clicks: AeroPress & French Press
>28 clicks: Karlsbader Kanne

weight: 1900 gr