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This pairing box combines one of our favourite coffees to come out of Rwanda year after year, with a spirit or liqueur created from the same coffee.

  • 250g Mahembe filter beans from THE BARN
  • 500ml bottle of Freimeisterkollektiv Mahembe spirit or liqueur
  • THE BARN cocktail recipe cards
  • Neatly packaged in a hand-made THE BARN box
  • Weight 750g


We are really happy with this collaboration between Josef Farthofer, Austria and THE BARN. Facilitated by Freimeisterkollektiv, Berlin.

From this coffee with flavors of cocoa, nutmeg and sweet cherry, Josef Farthofer creates two different spirits in his distillery in Austria. Next to distilling a coffee spirit he created a coffee liqueur from the same coffee. These two spirits highlight very different aspects of the flavor complexity of these outstanding beans.

Josef is an organic farmer as well as a passionate distiller. His farming and distillery are fully organic. He recycles his energy back into the communal network and for the past 20 years he has been running projects with WWF to protect wildlife. His creativity continuously results in extra-ordinary products. In 2015 his O-Gin was awarded gold at the Craft Spirits Awards. He also received the IWSC Medal and the International Wine & Spirit Trophy in London. Thanks to an initiative of  Oliver Ebert (Becketts Kopf, Berlin) he is developing a coffee spirit in cooperation with coffee pioneer Ralf Rüller of THE BARN.

Freimeisterkollektiv, Berlin relies on the tradition of small, artisanal distilleries as well as on the experience of our bartenders and experts in their respective fields. The driving force is a strong desire to experiment and collaborate. They develop modern interpretations of classics and offer unprecedented spirits while continuously seeking out new territories. 

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