The Barn Forest

The Barn Forest

We are planting 40,000 native trees in Brazil

Humanity must plant 1 trillion trees until 2030 to mitigate climate change. Be part of our Climate Mission that we run in collaboration with our coffee partners: Daterra, Brazil. It is part of their Tree_llion Sustainability Project. We are committed to plant 40,000 native trees over the next 5 years on a forest size of 25 hectares of land. The trees will be planted, managed and nursed by Daterra for at least 10 years. THE BARN FOREST will grow on Daterra´s estate and it is therefore guaranteed that the trees will be managed and protected. The forest project is the most valuable sustainability project we have ever done. We invite you to be part of this fantastic opportunity to make a change. Let us grow a forest together!


Every coffee you buy on our webshop can make a change. With every order you place on our webshop, you have a chance to plant a tree. You pay 1.5 EUR, we contribute the same amount to grow the tree together. We have reserved a total area of 25 hectares on the Daterra Estate. Each hectare will have 1,500 trees. Our total goal is to plant 40,000 trees over the next five years – or even faster!


Each year, we add up all trees that were donated until the end of October, then they will be planted from November to February, the rainy season in the region. After carrying out the planting, it is necessary to maintain 10 years of management in the area. Only after this, the tree can protect itself. The investment in each single tree covers: 1 - seedling cultivation 2 - planting and plants management

Sustainability at THE BARN

It is our core value to focus on sustainability particularly at coffee farm level. We select small growers that want to change and embrace Specialty Coffee standards at origin. In many ways, we look at them in a similar way as you would look at a natural vineyard and any quality focused food producer that is signed up for a mission: To create the very best product in the most sustainable way. We build personal relationships with our coffee producers and we visit them regularly. By including agronomists of our export partners in each country, we ensure steady development of our farmers. It is our common goal to elevate coffee qualities and to make the farms as sustainable as possible. As a result, our farmers can ask for much higher pricing – in return for quality. We call this “true sustainability”. We strongly believe that great coffees can only come from healthy soil and sustainable farm practices. Once each individual relationship has grown, it allows us to increase our impact at farm level and we can start engaging in specific sustainability projects, such as implementing water filtration, co-investing in better production facilities, treatment of labour, as well as food, education and health.

About Daterra Coffee Estate

We have been working with Daterra for a few years now, sourcing from them our low-caffeine varietals: Laurina and Aramosa. With two hearts beating for the same mission, we quickly grew our relationship with Daterra and two years ago, we started to run a field project with them on experimenting with their Aramosa varietal. For that Daterra allocated to us 0.5 hectares of Aramosa fields which we roast every year as “Our Plot”. Right now, we are processing fresh harvest of that field with red honey and anaerobic processing style. Daterra are heavily invested in sustainability and R&D. Their Annual Masterpiece Auction is world-famous and fetching sky-high prices for their top-scoring nanolots, that often find their ways into Barista Competitions. Located in the Cerrado Region of Brazil we recommend a visit to this astonishing coffee plantation.
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