Barista Interview Series #3 - Our Tama

Meet: Tama
This week in our Barista Series we get to know Tama. Originally from New Zealand, he landed in Berlin after working in a bunch of different countries. With all his experience, he is now our Lead Barista at our café in Auguststraße.


Tell us about your first cup of coffee.

Actually, my first affair with coffee was instant coffee with hot water, a little milk and sugar. Totally not Speciality but there is something nostalgic about it for me.


Why did you start working in the Specialty Coffee scene?

I didn’t plan on working in Speciality. As I worked in different shops and countries, I picked up new skills that lead me to be a better barista and host.


What skills have you perfected as a Barista?

I believe what I have perfected most is navigating customers through a simple yet complicated process to find the drink they wish for or try something new. This is something I find still lacking within the Specialty Coffee scene, especially in Europe.


What is your favourite THE BARN coffee, and what do you like about it?

I don’t have a favourite coffee in particular, but I do love a good natural Ethiopian. Something about a cup of this is so different from the general idea of what coffee should be, i.e., dark roast, chocolate and nutty. I prefer the sweet, fruity and complex coffees.


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