Barista Interview Series #2 - Our Jake


Meet: Jake

This week in our Barista Series, get to know Jake. He comes from Australia and is one of our headbaristas. He also teaches some of our workshops and is responsible for all of our technical equipment.


Tell us about your first cup of coffee.

I can’t remember exactly my first coffee, but I remember the first coffee that I really loved — it was about 15 years ago at Peoples Coffee in Wellington. They are a fantastic little roastery in Newtown. I actually ended up working there for nearly a year about ten years after that!


Why did you start to work in the Specialty Coffee scene?

I started working in Specialty Coffee because I love coffee, and I think if you really love coffee, you will naturally want to only work with the best!


What skills did you perfect as a Barista?

I have been in the coffee industry for more than ten years, so I have been lucky enough to get experience in a wide number of roles. I have worked as a Barista, a trainer, a cafe manager, a coffee machine technician, account management and even as a delivery driver. I really enjoy my role at THE BARN because it allows me to combine many of these skills as well as pick up a few new ones along the way.


What is your favourite THE BARN coffee and what do you like about it?

My favourite coffee we have at the moment is probably Gaturra. It’s just so full of flavour, super complex while maintaining fantastic clarity, a really outstanding Kenyan coffee.


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