Quality coffee is not like whiskey - it does not get better with age. Even though processing at source gets better and better with our support, there is still a shelf life for coffee. This is what we call seasonality.

'Past crop' is the point at which a coffee begins to show clear signs of ageing - which is a very unpleasant taste (stale/flat/dead). Ways of controlling quality include measuring water activity and moisture levels, as well as cupping and knowing your coffees. Before a coffee goes past crop we see an unusual rise of water activity in our beans. This gives us time to react and finish a coffee before it turns bad.

We want to present a coffee at its best - which is typically before new season coffees arrive. We often have an estimated peak time of 6 months after delivery, so you will see gaps in what we offer that relate to seasonality.

We always want to present a coffee at its best