The cupping and scoring of coffees is done at different points throughout the process to ensure quality is, and continues being, up to our standards.

The score is a number of points out of 100 possible. Cofees scoring 80 points or above are termed Specialty Coffee. Scores are based on elements such as lack of defects, sweetness, acidity, balance, mouthfeel, and flavor.

We do this at farm level, in the exporters lab, when we receive pre-ship samples, and again when we have received the main shipment (the samples we take from the bulk order are called “landed samples”). From then on we score our coffees once a month to ensure consistent qualities. Coffee is, of course, organic matter so with resting and time it does change slightly, drying out as it ages.

Cupping & Scoring Daterra´s Masterpiece Collection at our Roastery