Roast Profile


Each of our coffees has an individual roast profile. We use Cropster Roast Software to log all our roast batches, reference curves, green quality checks, and all sensory reviews from our daily cupping sessions. The roast profile, or reference curve, has to be replicated every time we roast so we can achieve what we are best know for: High roast consistency and quality roasting.

Roast profiles log all important data: Temperature changes that are measured at various points. We have four temperature points that we measure: At gas burner level, inside the drum, at the air point-out (away from the drum toward the chimney), and at chimney entry point. We also log in all gas and airflow changes.

The roast profile is visible at the back of our screen when we roast new batches. Our allowances for deviances are minimal. We only use or sell a batch if it fits within our very tight roast parameters.