Quality Control (QC)


Quality control (QC) is the process of controlling the quality of our beans, both green and roasted.

Before we buy a coffee or lot, we have to cup and analyse small amounts of offer samples (100-200g). We do the same with pre-ship and landed samples. All our roasted batches are cupped and analysed several times per week. In our weekly QC meeting, our roasters, green buyer, and two key baristas cup all references, small irregularities, or experiments. All data from these long QC sessions is logged in Cropster so we can see the rating and notes on each batch.

In the second part of our Quality control, we pull shots with our espressos and brew our filter coffees to see how they perform on bar. The performance of each of our coffees is also recorded daily in all our cafés. This feedback is cross-checked and eventually feeds back into our QC process. We find our integrated approach most effective and absolutely necessary to stay on top of our roast qualities. 

Yuko, one of our lead baristas, recording results during a weekly QC meeting