Laurina is a naturally low-caffeine coffee from Brazil. The varietal is also known as bourbon pointu after the unique pointy shape of both the tree and its beans, and its Reunion Island origins (formerly known as Bourbon). It is an arabica bourbon mutation that contains only 0.3%–0,5% caffeine whereas regular Arabica beans typically contain around 1.4% or more.

Originally discovered in the 18th century, Laurina almost went extinct due to its delicate nature. Caffeine acts as a natural insecticide, so low caffeine results in a plant that has less resistance to pests, is receptive to disease, and generally has a low yield. Overall, a difficult crop to grow.

However, being naturally low in caffeine means that we do not have to alter Laurina in any way. Where decaffeination processes change the chemical composition and flavour of the coffee, we can roast this one as is.

Image credit: Coffee Management Services on flickr