Cupping is a standardised quality control process that evaluates the cup quality of a coffee. We use 13g of coffee and 200ml of boiling, filtered water and a medium grind setting. After evaluating the dry aromas, hot water is simply poured over the coffee (like a mocca). After smelling the wet aromas, and four minutes of steeping, the cupper breaks the crust three times using a cupping spoon. We then clean the top of the cup from floating ground. Extraction stops at that moment. No more stirring or moving of the cup. 10-14 minutes after pouring, the big slurp begins.

Testing how the coffee performs whilst cooling down is important, so we do several rounds of cupping each coffee. The evaluation includes scoring for flavours, body, sweetness, acidity, clean cup, aftertaste, and overall impression - always looking for balance, complexity and excitement. 

Ralf taking part in a cupping session at our roastery