Baked Coffee


When we talk about baked coffee we are describing flavours that are hollow and flat, often with little sweetness. This can happen when roasters "lose" their roast curve, i.e. the rate of rise drops drastically for a longer period during roast or, when the rate of rise stay steady over longer times.

A great roast curve keeps the beans steadily in development. Crashing curves or zero moves in the rate of rise over longer periods are not good in our opinion.

As always, the performance of the final cup always wins - at the end of the day, we follow the cup performance. That cup has to perform well over several weeks. In order to check this, a roast has to be cupped over and over again over longer periods to see how the roast performs after resting. 

Ralf and Yuko during a quality control cupping session at our Roastery